Aligns Strategy

Are your board, CEO and executives on the same page?  Are leadership transitions transparent & effortless? Do teams from the front lines to the board room harness diverse opinions for better decisions?

When vision serves as true north, people connect the dots. They see how their individual efforts contribute to the vision and relate to others through shared purpose. Vision cascades down to inform strategies and operations while healthy conflict leads to better decisions for achieving the purposeful vision.

“The Ripple Affect prepared me to help lead change with our Board and staff. Flossie caught nuances of change, coached me through them, and shared research that gave me the confidence to posit a new direction with my Board. As a result we successfully pivoted.”

– Liddy Romero

CEO & Founder WorkLife Partnership

Fuels Growth

Are you launching a new business or product, but investors aren’t seeing the potential? Do you struggle with how to harness connections from you board and executives? Do you have an upcoming capital project and need to assess the feasibility of a campaign?

When you understand the pain point of customers and funders, you can reframe your case in their words. Consistency in a business development process and engaging directors in strategy development builds trust that unlocks connections. Finding aligned partners also opens doors to additional revenue streams.

“Flossie brought incredible perspective that created structure, provided facilitation, and led to achievable goals. This aligned the leadership and employees during a time of transition from the first to second generation of owners.”

– Monica Petersen

Principal & Owner, SB Clark Companies

Amplifies Impact

Do you want to do good while doing business yet get frustrated or lack the right partners?  Would you benefit from stronger relationships with customers, suppliers, residents, and government officials?

When organizations seek feedback and listen, they gain insight and loyalty. Companies and social organizations (nonprofits) with similar clients and goals make great partners. Assessing the fit and building trust are the foundation for cross-sector partnerships, which are needed to increase food security, affordable housing, and health equity.

“Flossie helps us navigate working with the community. Her strategic perspective and knowledge of the sector have resulted in partnerships that benefit our business and family relationships with nonprofits and the customers we both serve. ”

– Chris Leevers

Vice President, Leevers Supermarkets, Inc.


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